Web Development

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If you are completely new to web development, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you visit these links first:

Roadmap to Web Development:


Offline Documentation:

Command Line:


Programming Languages:

Front-End Programming Languages

Back-End Programming Languages

Web Frameworks:

Front-End Web Frameworks:

Back-End Web Frameworks:

See Also HotFrameworks​

Data Visualization

Static Site Generators:

  • Sites/

    • ​StaticGen - Top Open Source Static Site Generators.

    • ​headlessCMS - Top Content Management Systems for JAMstack sites.

    • ​NetlifyCMS - Open source content management for your Git workflow.

    • ​Forestry - A static CMS that commits.

    • ​GatsbyGuides - Build blazing fast web applications with Gatsby 101.


Text Editors and IDEs:

Regular Expressions and Algorithms:

Developer Tools:

See More: Gist by Brad Traversy​

  • Sites/

  • Design Tools/

    • ​LogoMakr freemium

    • ​Figma - collaborative interface design tool closed-source freemium

    • ​svgator - SVG Animation Creator commercial

    • ​Neumorphism.io - Soft UI CSS shadow generator.

  • Speed Test/

  • Fake APIs/

  • Text Generators/

  • Images/SVGs/

    • ​unDraw - Open-source illustrations for every project you can imagine

    • ​Lorem Picsum - The Lorem Ipsum for photos.

  • Patterns/

    • ​Heropatterns - A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns for you to use on your web projects.

    • ​Cool Backgrounds - collection of tools to create compelling, colorful images for blogs and websites.

  • Deployment/

    • ​Cloudflare - The Integrated Global Cloud Platform.

    • ​Netlify - Netlify is everything you need to build fast, modern websites: continuous deployment, serverless functions, and so much more.

    • ​Heroku - Build data-driven apps with fully managed data services.

    • ​ZEIT Now - The easiest way to deploy websites.

    • ​surge - Static web publishing for Front-End Developers.

  • CI/CD

  • API Testing/

    • ​Postman - The Collaboration Platform for API Development.


  • ​NASA APIs - NASA data, including imagery, eminently accessible to application developers.

  • ​Reddit API​

Extra Resources: